Kill Crocodiles

The next album was released in 2010 to huge critical acclaim

The Crocodile Band

Music Choice is a website where you can listen to your favorite music and buy tickets and merchandise of your favorite musicians. We also feature different music artists on our blog. Today on Music Choice, our featured band is Kill Crocodiles hailing from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, formed in 2008. Since the debut, the band has released several albums and had their noise-pop sound successful compared to other bands which debuted in the same year.

The band was formed by guitarist George and singer Brandon after the break up of their respective bands and playing with some girls. George and Brandon both played together in the same band so when it came to an end, and George was no longer playing with some girls, the duo initially made up their mind to form another group. The duo is continuously practicing their skills inside the garage of their apartment in Milwaukee. The garage has a small customized garage door for security reason. Thanks to A1 Garage Door Service Milwaukee for the nice and great works (that’s what we’ve heard from the duo). While they are practicing and Brandon was getting married, the duo was working on their own project and playing on another band. Their first single as the duo Crocodiles, was heard by noise-pop legends in Wisconsin who promptly put the track on a list of their favorite tracks of the year. With that recognition, Kill Crocodiles was able to score a record deal with the Californian based label Peach Records very shortly after that list was published and became a hit.

To strike while the iron was hot, the duo recorded their debut album immediately by themselves. In the middle of the year 2009, barely a year after the duo started working together, the band released a single that became a huge hit in Wisconsin and was heard in some countries which gave them praises and awards. Their album was enjoyed by many music fans. The band was able to head into the studio of Peach Records and work with some musicians and the well-known producer Joey Ford to record their follow up. The next album was released in 2010 to huge critical acclaim. Since then, the band became one of the most respected indie rock acts of their time. While on their flowery path, they’ve been able to collaborate with other famous music artists and some television personalities, and with the kind of persuasion following that the duo commands, it seems that there is nothing to be able to stop them from becoming true indie rock icons. For that reason, the band become highly recommended and is now dominating the music industry. Sold out concert tickets, record-breaking albums, and sweeping variety shows characterize Kill Crocodiles.

This is the journey of Kill Crocodiles through their success in music. We hope you’ve gained some information about the featured artist today. We also hope that you will support them and all of our musicians. Thank you for reading our blog, please keep on browsing and enjoy Music Choice’s offers and services. 





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