Kill Crocodiles


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Peter A.– 
Music Choice is the best thing that’s happened to me in the last 3 years. I love music and I always find a good website or app for my needs. I find myself using Music Choice almost exclusively as my hangout place these past few years. Being able to set my playlist is great. Music Choice has made it so much easier and fun to arrange and stream all my favorite music. I can’t wait to see what new features lie in wait! 
Danny B.– 
Awesome music website! I heard the new song from my favorite band, Kill Crocodiles, this morning on the café beside my office. I liked the music so much, so I listened to more at your site so I bought a copy of CD from your website. I quickly received my CD without any problem and I thank you for that. I really love Kill Crocodiles music and find your music to be refreshingly excellent.  
Melissa G.– 
Allowing me to listen to the whole album on your site before purchasing it gives me a fun and enjoyable experience. 
Lorie F.– 
I don’t usually write letters for a thing like this, but I was so pleased with your website and music I had to let you know. I just wish that other music sites can distribute more music and exceptional service like you do. Keep making awesome music and release more of the latest merchandise of the artists. Thank you so much! 
Miguel H.– 
I just wanted you guys to know that you are really the best gift for musicians trying to spread awareness of their music with dignity to the world. You did a good job in doing your part. I also did my part by supporting them and the Music Choice. I’ve already signed up years ago for Music Choice accounts. I seriously can’t say enough good things about your website. I love it and thank you! 

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